What is blogging and how does it work?

What is blogging and how to do blogging?: Friends, in today’s post we will talk about blogs and learn how we can make money through blogging and I will try. After reading this post, you will find answers to all the questions that come to your mind when you work online. If you want to make money from blogging then you have come to the right place.

What is blogging?

What is blogging and how does it work?

Blog is a product of Google, which works like a website, it is a free service provided by Google, through a blog, you can share your things with the whole world, like if we put a post on Facebook, then that post is limited to some people. . But your blog post reaches everyone who searches Google.

If said in clear words, Blog is a website that can be created absolutely free and Google has made its interface in such a way that everyone can use it easily and it works in the same way as any website works.

What is blogging? Creating a blog, publishing and designing it every day is called blogging, on a blog we can write on any topic and at the same time we can step into the world of internet, through blog you can also earn money online. it’s like many people are making money.

what does a blog look like?

When you create your blog, its interface looks like this, in which there is some kind of category, with the help of which work is done on the blog and which looks exactly like the website in appearance.

What is blogging and how does it work?

Can I earn money from blog and how?

Yes, you can earn money by making a blog, first of all you have to create a blog by going to Blogger.com and write a post on it every day when people will like your post and many people will start coming to your blog. So you can start earning money by connecting your blog with Google Adsense.

What is the difference between website and blog?

Blogs is a type of website. The only difference is that blogs have frequently updated content and websites tend to be much more static and is organized into pages. A blog can be a website on its own or a part of a bigger site. Early iteration of blogs were once used mostly for online personal journals.To create a website, you need information about many types of web designing and it takes money to make it, whereas blog is a free service that works for the website itself.

Blogging vs. Websites

Blog Website
Journal likeCan be individual
Updated frequentlyLargely evergreen content
Allows for reader engagementOne-way communication

On which subject to do blogging?

You can do blogging on any topic like sports,entertainment, health, technology,Facts,Tips & Tricks whatever subject you are interested in, you can create your own blog and website in the same way.

Downsides of blogging


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